Election News for 2014-16

The working committee for 2014-16 is announced in the general elections of Jewellers Association Jaipur held on May 24, 2014.

Thirty candidates presented their candidature out of which 15 candidate selected through voting system will form functional committee for tenure of 2years, i.e. for the session 2014-16. The huge rush for polling continued throughout the day. More than 76% members of association voted from 8.00 A.M.to 5.00 P.M.

After counting electronically, the result was declared by the election officer CA S.R. Sharma and announced the name of 15 winning candidates. Alok Sonkhiya, Anil Bumb, Arun Kumar Gokhroo, Avinash Khandelwal,Dilip Godika, Dwarka Prasad Khandelwal, Mahendra Kumar Agarwal, Nirmal Bardiya,Rajesh Dhamani, Ram Sharan Gupta, Sanjay Kala, Sunil Suklecha, Vijay Kedia andVijay Kishan Jaju were declared winners.

In the meeting called by Election Officer Shri S. R. Sharma at Jewellers Association Building, Johari Bazar, Jaipur on 26th May, three candidates were nominated by these 15 candidates on co-option and these three candidates along with previously elected 15 candidates elected the office bearers as under:

President                   :           Shri Vijay Kedia

Vice President           :           Shri Ram Sharan Gupta

Hony. Secretary         :           Shri Anil Bumb

Jt. Secretary               :           Shri Alok Sonkhiya

Treasures                   :           Shri Kamal Kumar Kothari